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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ramblings by Bruce Copley


ramblings by Bruce Copley

  • After hearing Sinek's talk (see video above) it occurred to me that most people including yours truly are so engaged with the WHAT and HOW of our professional and personal doings that we rarely stop to think about WHY we are doing them -----almost like a type of mass hypnosis. I suspect that this is because our WHY is seen as being the same thing as our INTENTION and both are an obvious part of our doing's so there is little point in delving into or even thinking about the obvious. It appears to me that when I ask myself WHY I am doing something a process is triggered that takes me inside myself and which catalyzes other questions and thoughts. In contrast to this when I ask myself what my INTENTION is in doing something this takes me outside myself with perceived outcomes, results and boundaries.
  • In any system there are always causes and effects. No system(animate or inanimate) operates independently given that it is a system within an infinite number of systems comprising the web of life and all there is.
  • In grasping the complexity of any system we need a starting point and in this case or system it is HUMAN BEHAVIOUR expressed as actions or doings. The why or intention of being a professional consultant is to make MONEY so I can have a roof over my head, clothes on body and food on the table and my why of going on holiday is because I want to have a good time and be HAPPY. The money and the happiness I think are my why's are actually the PRIMARY EFFECTS, outcomes or consequences of my consulting and holidaying doings in these 2 systems. In fact the what, who, how, when, where and whom are all part of my intention (sub intentions) and are all simply effects.
  • The WHY of my consulting and holidaying is the PRIMARY CAUSE. When the WHY is not clearly seen and understood for what it really is namely the cause, we flounder around in the dark suffering the consequences of our ignorance and there are countless examples of this.
  • Causes and effects are not static but continually morphing or changing into each other. For example your parents caused you to be conceived and born and you were the effect of their coupling. You then and in particular your actions became the cause for a multitude of different effects on people and your environment.
  • While the points raised above have related specifically to observable actions we should not lose sight of the fact that all our actions are the product of our processes of thinking, feeling and intuiting. A particular thought I have for example about the possibility of being attacked by a shark while swimming serves as the cause for fearful emotions(effect) and these emotions then cause me to effect my thinking which in turn causes me to not go into the sea(effect). Asking myself and knowing WHY I do whatever I do gives me a big picture or holistic perspective and understanding of the underlying processes and dynamics which in turn enables me to make informed choices and decisions.
  • I suspect the challenge is to learn to live WHYfully and mindfully and allow this to drive, direct and shape what I do, to whom I do it, how I do it, when I do it and where I do it. It is also important to align all these actions with higher order holistic principles and practices.
  • If a hungry hobo asks for money I have the following choices.....ignore him as if he was invisible, scorn, ridicule or abuse him, advise him to find a job, give him a job(temporary or permanent), give him money or food or give him a tool or a skill he could use to become self sufficient.
  • What are the implications of "Giving a man a fish or teaching him how to fish" ?
  • The APPLE question unlocks the doors of perception to reveal an infinite quantum world that lies both within and outside us. It also reveals the alpha and the omega of understanding and practicing whyfull living and that we are either part of the solution or part of the problem. It is possible to be part of a short term solution that in fact is or results in a long term problem(eg CFC's) Examples of this are Hitler, Tobacco/Alcohol/Gambling/Motor industry, Apartheid, Deforestation, Charities, Business, Religions, Nuclear energy,
  • The Question Continuum exercise can be used to get to the WHY of our doings
  • There is one thing every human being on this planet is constantly doing and that is pursuing pleasure and avoiding Pain
  • Holistic WHYFull living, learning and loving relates to Self, Others, Planet and the unknown or mysterious.
  • The following are effects, products or results of Holistic WHYfull living-----money(abundance), Happiness, Wellbeingness, Peace and harmony, Balance, Gratitude, contentment, self confidence, productivity
  • Here are my and my associates WHY'S for AAHA LEARNING existence and purpose:

    # Confronting conformity

    # Challenging the status quo

    # Championing creativity

    # Slaying discrimination and stereotyping

    # Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary

    # Kickstarting holistic homeostasis

    # Integrating the head, heart and hand

    # Fostering joy, play, humour, lightness, peace, balance, harmony, tranquility , community, wellness, health, holistic intelligence, creativity, hobbies, storytelling, radical honesty, unconditional love, tolerance, Love of nature, Ecoliteracy and REB, life- long learning, patience, altered states of consciousness, music, poetry, kite flying, sculpture, painting, journaling drama.

    # Valuing and respecting diversity

    # Problem solving

    # Liberating the artist within

    # Making the world a better place by leaving a legacy behind

    # Personal mastery

    # Cultivating a sense of humour

    # Holistic communication skills

    # Replacing addictions with life affirming hobbies and pursuits

    # Cultivating ethics and morals

    # Awareness and inner stillness

    # Storytelling IQ

    # Relentless questioning of everything you think you know
  • This is what Wikipedia says about Simon Sinek:
    'Sinek is an author best known for developing "The Golden Circle” and popularizing a concept of human motivation. This is his first TEDx
    Talk, entitled "How Great Leaders Inspire Action” and is the 19th most viewed video on TED.com.[1] His book on the same subject, "Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action,” (2009) delves into a naturally occurring pattern, grounded in the biology of human decision-making, that explains why we are inspired by some people, leaders, messages and organizations over others.'
  • The other thing I really like about him is that he works with Count Me In, an organization committed to helping one million women-owned businesses reach a million dollars in revenues by 2012.

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